Right now, the stars are looking pretty fetch for you, Scorpio.



What went down last week affected your image, reputation, title, profile or personal appearance as the Sun in Scorpio turned the spotlight on you, at the same time that Hygiea in Scorpio was urging you to protect the future. Now, we have a Full Moon in your sign. Give yourself more time and space near Monday as this is D-Day in terms of the way you look, or appear. It also holds the seeds of the most fantastic relaunch, rebirth or renaissance in 2018. The money, house, shares, apartment, business, possessions, charity or company is also on your radar, requiring the long view. It is no news to you that you are going through the most serious cycle in 29 years in terms of all that you own, earn and owe. What is new is the commitment required and also the solution on offer. The commitment is not without pros and cons. The solution has an ethical or moral question attached to it. This is why, near Monday and Friday, you must put everything else to one side and give this all the focus you can.


It is time to look again (once more with feeling) at a foreign country or distant region, and perhaps its locals. You may be packing your bags or dealing with this place via the worldwide web. In some cases, the topic of discussion will be a book, website, course, workshop, lecture or similar. Juno tells you there is a heavy pledge or promise waiting and you must take your time as you choose. Saturn tells you this is a serious, slow and rather stuck business near Friday so again, take your time. Yes, there is an answer. No, it is not straightforward and you must weigh up the pros and cons. This week is also about the money, business, house, land, apartment, shares, charity, possessions and so on. The Full Moon near Monday suggests it’s D-Day. What comes out of this rather tight squeeze is beneficial to you in 2018.


The Full Moon near Monday now takes you to the next crucial step with your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps your great rival or enemy too. The Sun is always opposite the Moon at such times and you may be dealing with opposing factors within, or involving this man (or woman) so take your time. Once it’s over, it’s over – and you can move on. The line-up in the sign of Sagittarius, in your sector of serious finance, property and business is also dominating your week. Near Monday and again on Friday you must pile up all the advantages and disadvantages in the commitment facing you or others. One way or another you have to live with the consequences in 2017, no matter if you say yes, no or ‘can’t decide’. Seek expertise or experience and lean on it.


This week is about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps about your enemy, opponent or rival if that matters just as much. Your ruler Mercury meets Juno as the week begins, parking a keynote conversation, piece of news, letter or e-mail in front of you. Juno describes weddings in astrology. Now, more than ever, you have to be honest about who/what you are going to wed yourself to. Sometimes you can commit to a split. Sometimes you commit to an agreement. This obviously has the most serious implications, because near Friday, Saturn meets Panacea and you realise just how heavy things actually are. Only you know what is right or wrong. If there is a remedy, only you can judge if it is correct to use it, or incorrect. But it’s there. Gemini, this week is also about the Full Moon on Monday, so allow time and space to make choices about your daily workload and your body. Last week all eyes were on your job, unpaid work, degree or full-time parenting. You learned from seeing this through the eyes of others. Now, rest with that. There are easier times to start anything new, but if you must go ahead, the D-Day choice you make now will benefit you in 2018.


As you probably know, you are ruled by the Moon so lunar patterns, like the Full Moon you can see overhead on Monday, affect you more. This is about courtship, babies, children or Millennials. Once you’ve done what you have to do (despite the stretch) you can call the situation final. The courtship would be the kind that could involve younger faces in your life one day. The children or Millennials may be yours, or godchildren, stepchildren, young relatives – or just the generation your job involves you with. Cancer, the other story this week is about your workload and your body. They are connected. My eyes are drawn to Panacea in your chart as she rules remedies, potions, fixes, solutions and cures of all kinds. The only issue with Panacea is the ethics of it all. Right, wrong, black, white or grey area? That’s your call.


Your ruler the Sun is opposite the Moon on Monday, highlighting your land, family, house, apartment, household, home town or homeland. You may be dealing with inner conflict or polar opposites. Allow plenty of time and space. You may not want to start anything new at this time as you will have enough on your plate anyway. Yet, Leo, what goes down will have a long-term benefit for you in 2018. This week is also about courtship, babies, children or Millennials. This may be a personal matter for you (your son) or a professional one (you’re a teacher, or your demographic is teenagers). The courtship would be the kind that could bring younger faces into your world if it became serious. In all cases, you are the King or Queen to a younger court at the moment and they are the heirs to your throne in some way – or you are King or Queen of a royal bedchamber.


Your land, house, relative, apartment, flatmate, town or homeland is now on your radar for some serious choices, now through Christmas. This week sees your ruler Mercury alongside Juno so there will be important news or paperwork and a commitment is looming. A typical example would be moving in, or moving out. Closer to Friday you can also see a definite solution – yet it is not clear-cut, because it puts your conscience, or the conscience of other people on the line. You will have your own story to tell about that. Take your time, take good advice and remember, what you decide now through December, you must live with in 2017. Virgo, this week is also about publishing, the worldwide web, multimedia, education, language and so on. Near Monday you realise there is no perfect situation nor perfect answer. Yet, once you have done what you must do, you can put things behind you.


You will be better off, financially, in 2018 partly as a result of the bridge you have to cross this week, thanks to a Full Moon in your zone of property, money, business, possessions and charity. In fact, the year 2018 finds abundant Jupiter crossing the same path as the Sun this week, so even though this is a tough bridge to cross, good things wait at the other side which will benefit you, in some way. The line-up in Sagittarius, which rules your use of the internet, your multimedia or publishing interests, communication, language, education – even the humble telephone – is important this week. It hints at a larger truth about December, which is that you have to face facts and make decisions which will take care of 2017, as much as is humanly possible. One example would be a demanding course in English. Whatever your situation, take your time, take good advice and look very carefully at a commitment – because that is what it is – over the next seven days.


This has been quite the month for the secrets you hide, the classified matters you conceal or the confidential concerns below the radar. Alternatively you have been caught up with a role you play behind the scenes, where you are virtually invisible as everybody’s attention is on a name or face which puts you in the background. Once this Full Moon is over, one matter really is over. Sagittarius, this week is also very much about your profile, title, personal appearance, name and reputation. The package! Given what happens near Monday and Friday, you are now on track for a chain of smaller decisions, leading to one large, rather serious, choice by Christmas. It’s all about taking care of 2017 and you need to take your time to do that. I would also say, take experienced advice. There are new realities about ‘Me’ you can’t avoid or evade, and that’s that. Try to take a practical approach.


The Full Moon directly involves the group of people who have been such a story for you in November. Board of directors, charity, rock band, political party, members’ club or similar…obviously, a good friend is involved. Once you are past Tuesday in your part of the world, you can call one matter final. Keep one eye on 2018 and all that it could reward you with, in terms of this group or friend, and the choices you make now – because it will, even though this is a tough bridge to cross! The other story now is the secret you cover up, or the role you play behind the scenes. This is a tough cycle for you, as your ruler Saturn is travelling through this unseen part of your life, and even your own soul, for the first time in 29 years. Allow as much time and space as you need. I think there’s a commitment of some kind pending near Monday. Near Friday, it looks as though you must make an ethical or moral choice. Put everything else aside to have this conversation with your own soul, because you are really the only judge of what is clearly a solution or remedy.


Your career, unpaid work, course or full-time parenting job is now at the heart of a Full Moon. When the Sun stands opposite the Moon like this, you are either at odds with yourself over a decision, or you find yourself at odds with other people – or large organisations. Allow time and space for this, Monday-Tuesday then consider this matter final. Do be optimistic enough to see a benefit or reward in 2018, though, as strangely enough, the bridge you cross now will lead to a glittering path that year. The other patterns this week will not surprise you at all, as they centre on your group, your tribe and your friends. This may be formal, like a political party, or informal, like Twitter. You have a commitment to make or decline near Monday. Near Friday you are looking at what is undoubtedly a valid solution or answer, but as with all Panacea transits there are some moral questions about what is right or wrong.


Once you have crossed a bridge with your publishing, internet, foreign, travel, regional or educational choices, you’re over. Please dismiss any heebie-jeebies you may have, because these belong to the last few years, not the present. In fact, if you are optimistic (and you should be) you may be able to see why the choices made now, could have a fantastic outcome for you in 2018. This week is also very much about your career, unpaid work, full-time parenting or degree. You cannot ignore or run away from Saturn cycles. They are tough and we all have them. You are now approaching the halfway mark, so the rather serious, stuck or sombre situation which has loomed over 2016 will become progressively easier once you have made big choices in December. This week is part of that wider choice. Take your time. The voice of experience or even professional advice could be a great rock for you to lean upon.


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